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Quality is what matters most

Our merchandise helps the memory of a Rapture Surfcamp experience live on long after you’ve returned home. With each item created to make your pursuit of the perfect wave just that little bit more stylish.

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We operate seven different surf camps in five countries across three continents. We love the water, the waves and welcoming people from all over the world. Our passion is to spread the stoke of surfing one person at a time.

We offer comfortable, sustainable and culturally conscious accommodation, surf lessons in paradise and surf guiding to secret spots far away from the crowds. We also give you an authentic surfing experience that revolves around living healthy, chasing waves and having fun.

Kick your flip-flops off and leave your stress at the door. Rapture is your guide to the best surf in Bali, Costa Rica, Portugal, Nicaragua and Morocco.

Our mission

Our mission is simple. To get you the ride of your life, to offer an abundance of Instagram worthy moments and to ensure your trip exceeds expectations.

Whether it’s our 5-star customer service, homely camps or incredible food. We understand that when it comes to the perfect surf trip, the vibe is everything. If you want to know what it’s like to live that surfing lifestyle, we’ve got you covered.

Become a part of the Rapture family by connecting with us and following your dreams. There’s never been a better time than right now.

Our Products

Our goods keep you warm, help you look cool and make travel easier.

It’s merchandise with meaning that captures the very essence of Rapture. Simple, stylish and memorable, it’s appropriate for early morning surf checks, midday siestas and late-night parties. Most of all though, it’s made to remind you of the time you spent at a Rapture surf camp. For clothing and gear that has good times, good vibes and good friends written all over it. Literally.

Learn to Surf, Surf the world, stay with Rapture!


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Become part of the Rapture family!

Rapture experience doesn’t end when you return home.

Connect with us and follow your dreams

There’s never been a better time than right now.